Company History
February 1971 Separated from Toyoda Machine Works (currently JTEKT) as "Houko Machine Corporation" for the purpose of Grinding machine overhaul business
October 1983 Started transfer of small general-purpose grinding machine assembly line (LG line) from Toyoda Machine Works
Started production of automobile parts (manufacturing coils for power steering)
October 1986 LG line transfer completed, assembly started
October 1989 Increased capital to 100 million yen
February 1991 Changed company name to HOUKO Co.,Ltd
June 1995 Established integrated production system of grinding machines (complete transfer of LG line from Toyoda Machine Works)
June 1997 Received the Aichi Labor Bureau Director's Progress Award
November 1998 Installed automated coil production line
December 2001 Acquired authentication of ISO14001
July 2003 Received the Aichi Labor Bureau Director's Excellence Award
July 2005 Cumulative production of automobile parts reaches 50 million units
November 2006 Acquired authentication of ISO9001
December 2012 Established 5th plant
September 2015 Received the Technology Award of the Abrasive Grain Processing Society "Development of High Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinder GL4-SⅢ PREMIUM"
August 2016 Received the Technology Award of the Abrasive Grain Processing Society "Development and commercial products of "single shaft type" internal grinding spindle with a length-to-diameter ratio"
August 2017 Established the first rank accident-free record 3.1 million hours
April 2019 Transferred TK engineering grinding machine business to our company
January 2020 New construction Material ordering place
August 2020 Established the second rank accident-free record 4.7 million hours
February 2021 50th anniversary of establishment
October 2022 Changed company name to JTEKT GRINDING SYSTEMS CORPORATION
April 2023 Mechanical Equipment business from JTEKT COATING to our company